Why Drug Rehabs Must Be Restricted in Florida

Drug rehab centres are an important industry in Florida as they help drug addicts recover from the debilitating effects of drug use. In spite of the important role that they play in the addicts’ lives, rehab centres have become centres of controversy touching many aspects. As such, a bill is being formulated by Senator Marco Rubio to control some of the rogue rehab centres. In case you are interested in drug rehab in Florida, it is important to understand the highlights of this bill. This article is meant to explore the crucial areas of the bill as follows:

The bill that is dubbed ‘Sober Home Fraud Detection Act’ is intended to regulate drug rehabs.

There are many issues that the bill is meant to streamline as follows:

  • Insurance Fraud– In the State of Florida, the problem of insurance fraud and abuse of patient rights is so rampant. The patients are persuaded for treatment in a centre and keep moving from rehab to rehab until they exhaust their insurance benefits. The effect of this is to create a never-ending rehab industry.
  • Deplorable conditions-some patients claim that most of the rehabs have debilitating living conditions. The level of hygiene in some rehabs is so low to the extent that beddings are infested with beddings. Additionally, condone the use of alcohol and other drugs which may worsen or complicate the problem of an addict. It is as if the main aim of the rehabs is to milk dry the medical insurance benefits.
  • Deceptive adverts-Some of the rehabs run deceptive adverts through the internet and TVs. The rehabs are depicted as having very good conditions which is not the case when one goes there. The marketers are also gaining a lot from this unregulated industry as the rehabs pay them huge amounts when they recruit patients. The patients are no longer seen as human beings but as objects that can be used to look for funds.
  • Causing more harm to patients-Most of the rehabs act as centres for human trafficking and harm the patients’ physical and mental health.

If the bill that has been formulated by Senator Rubio Nelson becomes law, it will be used to crackdown some of the rogue rehab centres. The law will track down the rehabs that charge exorbitantly, monitor the admission duration, too much drug testing and recidivism.

The data that will be obtained will be available for interested parties including insurance companies and the public at large. The insurance companies may not clear the bills presented by rogue sober homes.

This bill is important because it is meant to safeguard the rights of people who are undergoing difficult times in their lives and need more support than exploitation.